invest in tenanted KIADB land

# Land Area : 10 Acres (4,34,869 Sq Ft)
# Built Up Area : 1,50,000 Sq Ft
# Land : KIADB alloted

# Price : 50 Cr Full Cheque

# Tenant : Armes Maini Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd
# Rent : 27,50,000 Per Month + GST
# Security Deposit : 4 Months (1,00,00,000)
# Lock-in : 3 Years
# Lease : 9 Years
# Escalation : 10% every 2 Years
# Start Date : 28th September, 2018
# YOC : 2016
# OC & Fire NOC : Available

Note :
# The Tenant has already confirmed for 9 Years extension of Lock-in Period.
# Additional 60000 Sq Ft can be built on 2.35 Acres of unutilized Land.
# The KIADB Sale Deed to be done by Buyer.
# Absolute Sale Deed and Full Cheque Only.

# Address : 
 Harohalli, Kanakapura, Karnataka 

Have you ever thought that how right investment can change your future? Yes, investing in the right property can bring in more returns. With @OnixAdvisors bring in ROI upto 8% by investing in tenanted KIADB alloted lands. 

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Toll free no: 18008901730
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